Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Progress

Cleaned up the back of the sword. Still looks a little rough in the close ups, but in normal viewing it doesn't.

And, made a little progress on the armored lizard. Finished his fleshy bits, and also did the joint parts of his armor. Tomorrow I'll do his eye and teeth, and start on the armor.

And, cleaned up the monk. I'm not sure how much difference shows. This guy is really kind of a pain, I'm finding. There's a lot of texture detail in the wraps such, and getting all the flash out is tricky.I couldn't get the line completely off his face. I'll have to see how that goes - paint may be enough to hide it, or if not, I'll make a scar out of it. The green bit is where I had to do some repair work. There was a crack in the end of that sash, there. Bit of liquid green stuff makes it whole again.There's also some weirdness on the tow of his left shoe. Not sure yet what I'm going to do with that. I see some grit on his skirt, there. I'll take a closer look at that and see what it is.

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