Sunday, June 12, 2022

Banshee: Lantern. Set: Base.

 I painted the inner bits of the banshee's lantern and, for good or ill, reattached it. Happy with the result, though it's just a base coat.

Also started putting together a base for my next large format project. This will be a 72mm Set. The pillars are resin prints, the base the figure came with is in there, and then I slathered texture paste over the whole thing to be sandy ground. 

I need to make some decisions on how 'ruined' it should look. There is sand covering the tile floor, which says 'pretty ruined' to me, but I didn't break the pillars, and I'd kinda like to paint them as they'd have been at the time (to the best of our knowledge, anyway). Also second guessing how far I took the sandy stuff up to the bases of the pillars. I might adjust that.

The holes are the spots where he's supposed to attach to the base that came with the figure.

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