Monday, November 23, 2020

Frigge: Dress. New Project: Base

 Shading and highlights on Frigge's dress. Also did the leather straps. Once I do the beaded sections, I'll look at putting her shield and other remaining bits that aren't attached in place. I'm happier with the dress now than I was when I started working on it earlier tonight. It definitely went through an ugly phase, and is better now than it was. Still, this is never going to be one of my best. 

I've also started putting together my next project. It's a 75mm figure of some kind of sorceress person. I've washed it, cleaned up a bunch, and started gluing her together. I've got to do some puttying and more gluing. I've also decided to use her built in base. I'm starting on that, because I think what I want to do is get the built-in base attached to a display platform, and then start attaching her to the base, piece by piece. I think this'll give me something to hold on working on her, but also let me build up the pieces as I go as I have to to be able to paint everything as easily as possible. That'll make more sense once I start posting pictures of the figure.

Anyway, so here's her base with just the base coat on. Next I'll be finishing the stone steps, and once they are all painted, I'll attach it to the black plinth. Right now it's just sitting on there.

Normally I paint a figure, then do the base afterward. Part of that is just habit, but one of the things it lets me do it add some of the colors on the figure into the base. Since I'm starting with the base here, I'll have to either decide on my palette now, keep the steps very neutral, or plan on adding in colors from the figure later, very carefully. Probably I'll end up adding in colors later, as I haven't the slightest idea how I'm going to paint the figure.

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