Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Here's the cowboy, with his base completed!

Clearly, I used the railing. I had some trouble getting it attached. My plan had been to run a pin from the base up into the posts. The problem is, the posts are far enough toward the edge that I couldn't drill into the plinth. So, I moved it in a board and stuck a couple bits of plastic under there to add some more surface that I could glue the bottom of the posts to. It's still not great, but I think it's reasonably solid.

For the wanted posted, I printed out the posted on my printer, then glazed it with a very thinned down off-white to age the paper. I tore it up a bit, crumpled it, and glued it in place.

Last was some pigment to add some dirt and dust on the floor, railing, and his boots.

Next, I have a commission piece to work on, so posts will be sparse until that it done.

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