Saturday, October 27, 2018

Werecroc: Details. Cowboy: Base

I went with adding details on the croc. I did his eyes, mouth, and claws. I actually did this yesterday, but didn't get a chance to post.

A note on painting from a source picture. His skin colors and the color on the inside of his mouth came right from pictures of crocodiles that I found on Google. However, when I looked at the colors for eyes and claws, both were similar greens to his skin. I didn't go with those. Why not? Well, for his eyes, I didn't want them to blend in with the rest of him. I wanted something that would stand out, so I went with yellow/orange. For the claws, I went with a darker color because I also wanted them to stand out. He's a were-crocodile and should be scary, and part of that is the big, sharp, claws.

Today I built the base for the cowboy. I'm going with wood planks, like on a porch or front entrance to the local saloon. Here's the base.

It's built with coffee stir sticks that I grabbed from my favorite Starbucks. That far back plank does have glue on it; I put the wrong side down on my first attempt. I'll have to sand that down. I have painted it gray here. It will end up gray, but this is just a primer/basecoat to start with so that I wouldn't have to worry about painting the bottom of the pieces or in between the planks. It will get final paint later. The broken board is on purpose to add a little interest.

I also built a railing.

This is made with plasticard. It has a number of imperfections. I'm going to put the cowboy on and see how it looks with the railing. I may not end up using it, but here's what it would kind of look like together.

Now, the bottom of the posts will be lower, and I'll trim the thick posts shorter. But we'll see. First I have to see if it works with the figure or not.

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