Sunday, October 7, 2018

Rasia: Hair, Clothes. Marcus: Loincloth

I finished up Rasia's hair, and started the base coat on her pants and head band.

I don't usually do much shading of hair. I just base coat it in the darkest color that I want and then highlight up, maybe putting in a little bit of darker shadow in any really deeply shadowed areas. However, for her, since she has such a stylized look anyway I decided to do a little more with her hair. I've added more shadow than usual, and I've done it in purple to add some hue contrast as well.

Let's talk a bit about her eyes. The way she's posed, she's definitely looking to the side, not straight ahead. So, I put her irises in the corners of her eyes so she'd clearly be looking the way her face is pointing. Here's a close up.

I also got some work in on Marucs, shading and highlighting the red cloth.

I shaded it with he same blue I used in the shadows on his skin.

Sadly, somewhere along the line Marcus lost one of the tynes on his trident:

I have a spare, so I could try to replace the whole head of the trident. That seems fraught with danger, though, so I think it's more likely that I'm going to leave it as-is and paint it as battle damage.

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