Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Turanil: Armor. Agramon: Horns, Eyes, Teeth.

For starters, I finished off Agramon's head by shading and highlighting the teeth and cleaning up around them, then put highlighting on his horns, then did his eyes. I did try using gold metallic for the eyes and I'm undecided on how it worked. Sometimes it looks great, other times not so much but it might be just the standard eye-type problems, too. But the bottom line is they're hard to see in there (and would be unless I paint them something super bright, and maybe even then) so it's probably good enough.

Then since I had the metals out, I put a base coat on Turanil's armor. This was a trial of the new Vallejo Air metallic paints I just bought. This one is 'steel'. It is super bright with a very definite blue tinge to it. I was very happy with the new paint- very bright, very shiny, covered very nicely. My only complaint so far is that of the 6 colors I bought, three of them (Steel, Aluminum, Chrome) are sufficiently similar that I don't know if there's a reason to use one over the others. You might be able to get along with any one of those three just fine.

Dude has some super shiny armor.

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