Friday, February 3, 2017

Turanil and Agramon

New projects! For starters, I just bought a few new metallic paints and I wanted to try them out. Enter Turanil, who's got a lot of armor. And a shield. And  sword. Lots of metal. I'll do his hair next time and then start on the metals.

Also began one of the heads for my diorama. This is Agramon...well, part of him.

Last night, in order to decide what colors it would be safe to use for the head I did some color studies of the diorama. I did this by getting a picture of the layout, adding a transparent layer in Paint.NET, and then adding colors over the top to get a sense for what they'd look like.

I started with gray stone on the bottom and a reddish wall behind the throne. The head plaques are brown, and one of the heads is green. I still kinda like the red wall, but I think it'd be a little too attention-grabbing. The focus should be elsewhere.

So then I went with a beige wall.

I'll probably go a bit darker than that and add in some texture and dark spots, but overall I think the neutral wall is better. So that's what I'll go with, and it means I can paint the heads whatever colors I feel like.

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