Sunday, January 1, 2017

Skarre: Hair. Also, Lem and Lady.

Alrighty, so I got back to Skarre's hair. This is adding another round of highlights. I'm going to have a lot of smoothing to do, but I'll do that once I've put in all the highlights and then I can fuss with it all.

And started a couple new pieces. This is Lem, for my husband's Pathfinder boardgame.

And this lady I'll be using to practice textured cloth. I think she's a 7th Sea mini, long since discontinued. Any name she may have had is lost with her packaging.

Lastly, I promised some pictures of my diorama. Here's today's planning stage. I think I've got the layout and size of the piece about where I want them. Now I'm looking at extras - the wall behind the throne will have mounted heads on plaques, and I'll have some kinds of other treasures around the base of the throne, but I haven't decided what.

The figures are 54mm. The one standing in front is holding a severed orc head and presenting it as a gift to the king on the throne. He's looking unimpressed because the heads that'll be mounted behind him are trophies he's taken - way more impressive than an orc.

I'm hoping to get the basing laid out and built first. I can do that without having the minis painted or put together, and that'll give me lots of time to try again if the base doesn't go well the first time...which is likely.

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