Sunday, January 29, 2017

Skarre: Armor Shading Round 1, Again

I wanted to move on with Skarre's armor today, and I started by using a dark blue deeper shadow. After doing just one section, though, I realized that lavender that went on yesterday just wasn't working at all. So, I covered it over with the blue and on one section tried a deeper purple shadow to see if I could save when I had, or if I'd need to re-base the area and start again.

I think this is better, but now it's going to be a lot of work to smooth that in.

So that was kind of a disappointment. However, I did get a bit more done today than just re-doing what I did yesterday. I tested engraving grain into my test shield and was happy enough with the result that I did one of the actual shields.

It seems to work pretty good. The grain is just present enough to give it some texture. The dark blob in the middle is the shaded area under where the head will be. I'm not so sure about the edge highlight, but I'm going to leave it for now and see how it looks in place once it's on the base.

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