Sunday, November 22, 2015

Well of Chaos: Verdigris, Slime

So, today I started by putting the verdigris on the metal bits. Also did the gem towards the bottom...decided it was black onyx.

So, with that done, I want to put some of that green muck that grows on the edges of or in shallow water, because eventually there will be water in the well. I took some heavy gel, added green paint and some extra fine flock for a bit of texture. Here's the mix just after I put it together:

Then, it was wait until it dried to see how it looks. It looked pretty good; the texture came through and the color went to the color of the paint when it dried. I decided that the color I chose was a little too dark and desaturated, so I did the next batch using a brighter green.

On the left is the original mix, and you can see how much darker it got. On the right is the new mix. I also put some on the well.

Once it dries, if I don't like the color I can paint over it. If I do like the color I can hit it with some quick shade and highlights. Then, I'll put some wet effects into the well, and this will be done. I could experiment with the wet effects first, but it would just be putting some into a different container and seeing what it does. May as well do that here.

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