Thursday, November 12, 2015

Freya: Pauldron

Quick! Change direction. Again. So, I was going to keep working on those funny bits on her boots. Then I realized that when her cloak is put in place, it's going to shade the back of the boots - thus, making incorrect all the fancy highlights I put in there, and any shading and highlighting I might have done on the metal bit. So, I shaded some of the back of her boot, covering up the highlights I'd put there.

Then I decided to get ready to attach the cloak. That means doing those parts on her left arm - the armor and the glove. The boots I can work on under the cloak if I'm careful, but those parts I won't be able to do with the cloak attached.

So I switched to work on those things. Here's her armor with shading and a first round of highlights.

I might also need to do the dress and bodice, or at least parts of it.

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