Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dionne: Totally Not A Vampire

Just got back from Reaper ArtistCon. I taught a couple of classes there and got some painting done as well. Some of that I did for Reaper and don't have pictures of, but I also had time to get back to Dionne here.

This is what I did while at ArtistCon. Finished her face and hair, base coated the rest of her, and started highlights on the coat. I'm going to try to make the coat look like cloth, and her body suit look like vinyl. So, as cloth, the coat is getting soft, wide highlights. The body suit will get narrower highlights that will go brighter.

All that being said, the highlights on the coat do need to be brighter. So, here's what I did today. That's finishing the highlights on the coat and starting them on the body suit. I'm pretty happy with the coat. The highlights on the body suit I need to blend and narrow, and then go back with a lighter color.

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