Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cleric: Armor, Cloak

So, I've been having serious motivational issues for the past week or two. In an effort to solve them, I went to one of my usual go-to techniques: get something small and easy that I can paint through fast, and just get it done. I'll usually pick something in a different genre than I've been doing, too. For instance, this is an excellent time to do a mousling.

This time, I went to a modern figure so I could stick something on that brick base I did a while ago. I picked out Dionne from Hasslefree, who is totally not a vampire pulled from a mediocre vampire vs. werewolves chain of movies:

I haven't decided if I'm going to dress her all in black.

But then, today I decided I felt more like finishing projects than starting new ones, so I went back to this cleric from last month's paint day. I didn't go to Paint Day today, but perhaps with working on this figure I was there in spirit. I shaded and highlighted his armor and then put a base coat on the cloak.

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