Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diorama: Tree, Pack

I've started putting the additional vegetation on the tree. I've added moss, which is pretty much done, and ivy, which isn't.

Based on instructions from people who are way better at basing than I am, the moss is super-fine flock that was glued in place with thinned white glue that had dark green paint mixed in. I mixed a couple colors of flock, one lighter and one darker. Once the glue was dry, I added more color variation by blotting on thinned paint - dark green and some reddish purple shades.

The ivy I glued in place with more white glue with green paint in it. Once that's dried, I'll go back and paint some lighter green on the ivy leaves. Not sure I'm super thrilled with the ivy. It was kind of a pain to work with and I'm not sure the glue is going to work great. Also, maybe should have used dark brown in the glue instead of dark green.

Since I'm building up the base detail now, I also started painting the 'bits' belonging to the ranger that are going to go up against the tree. I've got a pack, a coil of rope, a skillet, and a couple sacks that I'm going to put in. Here's the start of the pack.

I'm hoping to get through these things and put them in place on the base quickly, then get back to the main figures.

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