Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hair and Pants

Today was Paint Day, so everybody got packed up for a road trip. Didn't get a ton done, but some. I worked on the vestal today, so there will be naked figure pictures below.

First, hair on the female marine. It's not done; I spent a while fussing with it, then decided I wanted to use some stuff I hadn't brought with me to finish it off. I'm going to put on a dark glaze to pick out some strands and put in some shadows, smooth the highlight transitions (that's the part that takes a lot of fussing, and that I spent a lot of time on today and ended up redoing), and put a last bright highlight on.

As you can see, I also did her pants. All the marines' pants, actually. I was debating what color to use, then went back and looked at some N7 armor pictures, and they use black for the joins between the armor plates. So, black it is.

And, the vestal. I did a base coat and shadows of her hair. For the shadows, I mixed purple into the base color for the hair.

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