Sunday, February 23, 2014


I worked on the vestal today; she's below the greens.

Starting out with my sculpting practice dummy, who I did finish today. Sadly, I'm not real happy with how the sack turned out. So, I put together another armature and will try another one.

Got the vestal's armor done, gave her eyebrows, and put a base coat on the swords. She'll be done in just  few more sessions.

And, next we have Maria, and then Astrid. I'm thinking I'd like something to work on that I'll be able to buzz through quickly, to try to get some momentum going. I like modern minis for quick jobs because they tend not to have much in the way of fiddly bits. No armor, no swords, no belt full of random stuff. There are exceptions, of course, but both these ladies are pretty minimal. The bit of green stuff on Maria's boot is where I had to do a bit of repair after drilling a hold for the pins. The drill slipped off center a bit, and the pin ended up sitting exposed. Similar problem on Astrid's right boot, the drill just started to come up through. I've put some clear sealer on there to even out the surface.

I may only finish one of these ladies now, because I really, really need to get to work on my game figures (game date is April 4) and whatever I'm going to take for judging at ReaperCon (end of April). But to have any chance of finishing those things on time, I have to get some momentum going.

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