Monday, November 20, 2023

Set: Remember him?

 Now that I've finished the mermaid, I'm resurrecting a project I haven't touched in ages: Set. I took a look at what I had so far, and I was not very happy with his skin. I think the problem is that there was too much difference between some of the layers, and I'd made the highlight areas a little too tight. So, I decided to paint over the left leg and try again there to see if I could get something I liked better. I selected a first shadow color that was about half way between the lighter yellow and the darker brown, and endeavored to do it again with broader highlights and better transitions. I'm planning to get the leg finished, smoothed and everything, and decide if I like it or not before going on to the rest of him.

I've got the base coat and shading done on the left leg. Next time will be the rest of the highlight, and then I'll see how it looks and decide what to do from there.

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