Thursday, September 15, 2022

Planetar: Base

 More base work tonight. I added some leaf scatter, stuck a skull in the cave, and tried to put some foam on the parts of the water that would have some bubbles to it. That didn't work out so well. Oh, and painted on some moss.

I need to paint the skull, get a bit of paint on the leaf scatter, and decide how/where to attach the figure.

For the moss, I had somewhere in mind that I was going to use some flock - glue it on, paint it. I've done that before and it works fine. Next thing I know, I'd already painted some moss on. It was like 'OK, apparently I am doing it this way instead.' Didn't even really consciously think about it. I could still attach flock if I wanted to. 

For the white water, I tried a product I have that bills itself as being for white caps, snow, foam, etc. It seems to be meant for larger scale stuff, maybe, or I haven't found the right way to apply it. I tried dabbing it on with a toothpick, but that left behind too much and it looked like chunks of white on top of the glossy water, because that's what it was. So I read the directions again (such as they are) and tried dabbing smaller amounts on with a brush, more like drybrushing. This worked better, but I still had big white chunky bits left from the initial attempt. Luckily, while it was pretty dry it hadn't hardened, so I could get most of it off with a wet brush. I think its at 'not terrible' now, so I'm leaving it alone from here on out. I don't see much value in the stuff vs. white paint, though.

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