Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Banshee: Veil Highlights

 Did more highlighting on the banshee's veil. Not sure how I feel about the results. Dark blue is my nemesis...I want to keep the dark, but I feel like these highlights might be more narrow than I want, too.

I am also having a weird experience with this figure where I'm realizing that I'm not super enjoying working on it and am not super excited by the results so far. I like the sculpt, but I wasn't feeling it when I started and didn't have a clear idea (or any idea, really) of what I wanted to do with it. So I just started doing some stuff. It has occurred to me that unlike other busts which probably cost me $30-$70...I could cut the plinth off this, chuck the figure and the maybe $5 of resin I used to print it, and print myself another one when I felt more inclined to work on it. Kind of a strange feeling.

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