Sunday, May 23, 2021

Jack: More Hat, More Jacket. Tower: Paint, Decorations

 I worked some on Jack today, making the blue part of his jacket a bit bluer and doing some shading and highlighting on other parts of his hat. Don't worry, the goggles aren't going to stay green, that's just the undercoat for the bronze.

For the tower, I made the decorative pieces that are going to go under the top section. They are not good; I still need a lot of practice working with the Proxxon. First and foremost, I need to remember that the wire bends. Second, I think I'd have gotten better results if I made them differently. I cut the shape out of a thick block of foam, and then sliced it into this strips, and then put the strips together and trimmed the bottom edges on each successive top layer to get the stepped effect. This shows off that they are not consistent. Had I made the layers, then cut the shape, they probably would have been more consistent. Or maybe not, because the wire bends. Anyway, I'm going to go with what I've got, flaws and all.

Last, I finished painting the top section of the tower.

Both these projects re nearing completion Yay!

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