Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mary: Skin

So I was going to get back to my gladiator today, but this figure has been sitting over there staring a me for a while. So I decided to get back to Mary here.

I'd worked on her last back in May at Reaper, focusing on her face. Unfortunately, I failed to take adequate notes on what I was doing, so when I tried to get back to it today, I didn't do that great. I made something of a mess of her chest, and ended up decided to just deepen the shadows with the purple from her face, smooth things out a bit, and leave it at that. I also changed the shape of the highlight on her chest.

Anyway, I'll see how I feel about it next time I work on her, but I'm thinking rather than try to fix it I'm going to move on, finish this figure up, and move on to something else large scale.

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