Sunday, October 29, 2017

Back From ReaperCon

ReaperCon went well! I got two golds, one for the Conan diorama and another for these wizards:

The wizards are from the Bones 4 Kickstarter and painted for Reaper.

I did almost no painting while I was there. I did start her:

And I will try to get her finished up quickly, just table top quality.

I have come back motivated to work on things. So, I'm spinning up a number of projects. One is a small vignette with the dragon head I didn't use on the Conan diorama. To do it, I will need to make a pile of treasure, so I'm starting to experiment with how best to do that.

First, I tried mixing glitter into a few different type of modelling pastes:

This is not really doing what I want. The shape of the glitter is getting lost. Also, I decided it'd be better to use something else for the bulk of the pile, and then just cover the surface with the texture. So, for the next experiment I made a couple mounds of Milliput that I will cover with glitter and paste, and glitter and glue.

If that doesn't work, I got some other suggestions that I'll try.

And last, there's this guy:

The threaded rod and the chunk of wood are the handle that I used for Cthulhu last year. This is the main body of Shubniggurath. The handle is going into its big maw because that seemed like the spot that would be the least disruptive. Well, not quite; we also thought about putting it in to one of the spots for the tentacles on its back...but then I'd have had to paint it upside down, which would have been way weird.

There are many tentacles which I will paint separately and attach afterwards. This is a large figure, so I'll be starting with the airbrush. First he's gonna need a bit of gap filling where the legs and tail joined.

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