Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Widow: Lining, Hair

Alright. I re-lined the edges of her skin with a slightly darker color, and then went to work on her hair.

After fussing with the hair to get the sheen nice and smooth and as bright as I wanted it...I realized I put them in the wrong place. :p See how her head is tilted? Well, if the sun is coming straight down from above, the highlights should not be centered around the crown of her head like that. See here:

If the arrows are the light source, see how the high points they'd be hitting are offset just a bit because of how her head is tilted? The highlight on the 'gun' side of her head should be right up by the part in her hair, and the highlight on the 'roses' side should be farther from the part, and probably a bit broader.

I should go back and fix it. I may or may not actually do that. As it is, the highlights are in the wrong place but I'm happy with the execution other than that.

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