Saturday, June 13, 2015

Origins Report, Future Widow

So Origins went well. As far as the diorama goes, the good news is I took best in the diorama category. The bad news is I was the only entry in the diorama category. So, that was a little disappointing.

But competition season is over for me, so I can get back to painting whatever I feel like. I'll be getting back to the fairy with the sheer gown soon.

Today was Paint Day, so I wanted something less fussy to work on there. I chose the Future Widow from Freebooter. I did her skin and eyes and started her hair while I was there, then came home and did her makeup, glasses, and base coated the dress. For the dress I wanted to go with a color I don't usually use, and something...bright. I'm liking this bright magenta.

 This is a neat figure, but I put her together and primed her a while ago. So, it's not the best primer and she's got some flaws in putting her together. The back of that right shoulder in particular is a little ugly. So, she's never going to be the highest quality piece ever. But she'll still be fun.

I'll probably finish her hair next, then re-line around the dress, then shade and highlight the dress. I might fuss with her glasses a little more too.

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