Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Karzoug: Robes, Freehand

Today I re-vamped the border on his robe and put in some freehand. I'm pretty happy with the result, I think it's made a big difference. The end is in sight on this guy. It's just the red robe and the red bit on the staff that I have to finish now.

Before I settled on this scheme, I did some trials in Paint .NET before committing to it. Why? Well, if I'd tried and it didn't work, I'd have had to redo the thing. Again. Here's what I tried. Note that the sketched in stuff is pretty rough; the point was to get an idea what it'd look like, not to make it perfect.

The first was a pattern along the border. To me, it just made the thing look more confusing and muddled.

Then I put in the purple border. This seemed like an improvement.

And here he is with 'freehand' on the border. Look! Wingdings font CAN be useful!

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