Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yes, it's been quite a while since an update. I was at Reaper HQ for their artist con and Kickstarter wrap up party. It was a great time and I worked on a number of things while I was there, both painting and sculpting.

I got this guy mostly finished while I was there, and then finished up a few details once I got home. I got lots of input from artists at Reaper on this guy, so thanks to all for the helpful feedback.

I also worked on this guy while I was away. I'm experimenting with stuff on this one, so the end quality is not going to be as high.It's quite subtle, but you may be able to notice some green in the shadows of the cloak, and purple and green in the shadows of his blouse and trousers. The colors on the cloak and pants are dark enough that it doesn't show that much. I still need to work on this technique.

I also started this guy. Just the base coat on the skin. He'll probably stay like this for a while as I'm going to concentrate on finishing the swashbuckler and the lizard man I was working on before I left.

I forgot to get pictures of the sculpting I did while I was away. I'll try to remember to get those tomorrow.

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