Thursday, September 26, 2013


Finished her hair and started her dress. Hmm...I forgot her eyebrows. Need to do those, and maybe some makeup.I also found that she's supposed to have bare shoulders, so I put some more base skin color there and will shade and highlight that next time. Her dress will have purple detailing, making her my entry into the Cult of Purple and Teal. Her blouse will be linen.

One of the problems I'm having with Bones minis is that since the plastic is slightly translucent, it's hard to see some of the detail until you get paint on it. Except, if you don't see all the detail, it can be tough to decide how it should be painted...

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  1. My solution to the detail issue has been to lightly base coat it, either with a dark grey, or with a very light grey. I also find that makes it easier to paint, since I've already had one layer down to deal with the hydrophobic reaction you can get sometimes.

    Hope that helps.