Gallery - 2015

This is a gallery of everything I finished in 2015.

Reaper Bones Kyra, Female Iconic Cleric. No Bones SKU, metal is 60015
Reaper Bones Mason Thornwarden, 77090
Reaper Well of Chaos, 77136
Reaper Bones Dain Deepaxe, 77074
Hasslefree Dionne (b), HFA021
Reaper Halbarand, Cleric, 77089

Reaper Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard, 77068
Reaper Sylph, 14552
Freebooter Future Widow, FUT 002
Reaper - Various
Reaper 3522, Mousling Pirate
Reaper Blood Widow, 50219
Reaper Karzoug, Runelord of Greed, 60022
Reaper Brood of Payanak, Reptus Cavalry, 14505
Savage Worlds Hell on Earth Librarian 2
Savage Worlds Hell on Earth Templar, S2P80002
Reaper Giant Spider, 77025

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