Gallery - 2014

This is a gallery of everything I finished in 2014. This year, I'm being a little smarter about it and compiling it as I go.

Reaper Nephal Shadow Prince Demon, 3086
Reaper Bones Zombies, 77014
Guild of Harmony Karick-Dar, Apprentice, GoH1006
Reaper Huge Spider, 3049
Raging Heroes Blood Vestal
Reaper Astrid Berger, Female Spy, 50148
Reaper BONES IMEF Marines, 80016 - 80020
Reaper Stillwater, Zombie Hunter, 50174
Dark Sword Wood Elf Goddess, DSM7442
Reaper Lamann, Sorceror, 02807
Hasslefree Maria (c), HFA109
Reaper Bones IMEF: Sarah Blitzer, 80021
Reaper Adventuring Accessories II, 2963
Reaper Bones Ezren, Iconic Wizard, 89013
Reaper T'Kay, Reptus Cleric, 14096
Hasslefree Mystic Warrior Kev, HFSF120
Hasslefree Ekaterina, HFA122
Nandi - Dark Sword Female Rogue With Sword, DSM-1188
Reaper Undead Rising, 2043 (Partial)
Reaper Vermin: Spiders, 77126
Raging Heroes Blood Vestal
Reaper Mousling Duelist, 3522
Dark Sword Balon Greyjoy, DSM-5079
Reaper Familiar Pack III, 2593
Reaper Bones Colossal Skeleton, 77116
Reaper Hans, Post Apocalypse Survivor, 50297
Reaper Familiar Pack X (partial), 3567
Reaper Gam-Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder, 14442
Reaper Mousling Savage, 3522 (partial)
Reaper Eye Beast, 77043
Reaper Aysa, Necropolis Solo, 14183
Reaper The Black Mist, 50217

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