Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Side Tracked!

 I did paint last night and tonight, but I didn't feel up to working on something I was trying to do well with. So...scenery! These are some figures I 3D printed. The angels are going to be statues on a cathedral, and the other thing is a spike trap I'll use (maybe) in a gladiator minis game...Arena Rex, which is the game for the gladiator figures I painted a few of a while back.

Anyway, the statues:

I may have hit them a bit too hard with the gold on top. I also started a verdigris glaze on one, and waved off pretty quickly. Need to go back and fix that. Anyway, I have maybe a bit of tweaking to do on them, but they're essentially done.

Then, the spike trap:

I need to do the shading and highlighting yet, and the spikes themselves.

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