Monday, January 17, 2022

Medusa: Done (for now). Phaedra: Skin base.

 Lined/shaded Medusa's snakes. I'll be honest, I am super sick of these paints, so I did not do this with nearly as much care as I could have. I lined between the snakes with really dark green-brown, shaded here and there, and called it good. The difference is subtle, but significant.

Then, I put her aside and picked up Phaedra. Looking closely, it looks like she's a person wearing a whole lot of armor. I wasn't sure; I thought she might be some kind of clockwork bronze person or something. But no, looks like a person wearing armor. So, I put a base coat on the areas of flesh that do show. Most of it is going to end up shaded. I was not super neat about it.

This figure is silly, and the casting is terrible.

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