Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sorcerer, Perseus, Dragon

 This is actually a few days' worth of work. I wasn't able to get pictures and do an update until today.

I continued working on the gold on the sorcerer. I shaded it all and started on highlights, but there's still a ways to go on it.

I've also been working on prepping my next projects. Here's Perseus; he was primed and then base coated with an airbrush. He's so big and so much of him is skin, I think I saved myself a bunch of time by airbrushing him.

And then, this dragon. He was in a cabinet waiting to get painted. I got rid of the cabinet, so...he needs to get painted. Now, since I bought this thing probably 15 years ago (or more) I've acquired many better dragons. I'm not feeling the love for this one anymore. So, he's airbrush practice. I worked on base coated him, but I dropped it. His head popped off, the wings got bent, and a join in his lower body broke and was bent out of alignment. I fixed the wings, will need to glue his head back on, and I'll have to putty the broken join. After that, I'll get back to painting him.

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