Sunday, February 28, 2021

Next Projects

 I just wrapped up a commission piece, so now I'm back to my own projects. Here's what I'm starting next.

This is Mike the Jack from Kimera Models. I'm going to call him Jack, as he looks more like a Jack than a Mike to me. The hole in his teeth is on purpose; he has a cigarette that goes there. He's also got some feathers for his hat that will get painted separately and then attached. It's a lovely cast. Very little cleanup and patching required. 

He's got a built in plinth, but it's a wee narrow thing. I'm going to attach him to a wider but thin base to help make sure he stays standing up.

Here's another one:

This figure is from the Atlantis Minitatures kickstarted which is fulfilling now. I just got mine, so I picked one to paint up and see how it goes. I have concerns as it looks like they didn't clean up the strata lines from the 3D print master before they cast it. This particular one shows the lines pretty obviously, so I want to see how it goes. 

Next will be to prime both of them and get their bases sorted. I already talked about what I'm doing with Jack; the elf will need a suitably woodsy base.

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