Thursday, June 4, 2020

Ywain: Base. Base: Layout.

I wasn't up for detail work tonight, so I started with painting the sand part of Ywain's base.

I also primed, base coated, and did some basic shading on his cloak. I'll show that when it's attached. I'm trying to paint all the parts of the cloak that will be hard to get to once it's glued on, and as much of the rest of it as I can as I am pretty confident it'll pop off with minimal effort, even after gluing.

Then I switched to doing layout of the Amazon display base. I want a 'ruin temple' sort of thing. I found a piece of aquarium terrain that was just a couple of beat up pillars; it cost me about $3. My husband helped me break it into chunks, and that's what I'm using. I'm pretty happy with it. 

Next step will be to cover the base in texture paste and embed the pillar chunks. I'll add some regular rocks as well.

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