Monday, January 15, 2018

Orlando: Face

I did some work on Orlando the Crusader's face. That's a bast coat, highlights, and shadows. I'm working from a picture. I'm not going to try to replicate the picture exactly so much as use it as a general guide. It has fairly complex but subtle colors - there's some green in the shadows, red in the lower highlights, yellow in the bright highlights, and more. So, I have green in my middle shadow and purple in my dark shadows, warm mid tones, and some yellow in the highlights. It's not done - I may put in another level of highlight, and then I think some glazing to kind of bring it together. But he does have a very intense look that I like. I spent a fair bit of time fighting with the shadow on his right cheek, though, and I think I still need to work on that some more.

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