Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shub: Eyes, Tentacles

Finished the eyes, mouths, and such on the other side of his body. Then I moved on to the nest of tentacles.

I airbrushed the base coat on the tentacles. I made myself a little rig to hang them up on as I worked:

It was screwing a little hook into the tab of the tentacle, and hanging them from a little loop that was stuck in some foam insulation. I didn't air brush them there, I pulled each one down to work on it, but it gave me a place out of the way to hang them as they dried and I moved on to the next one.

Here is is with the base coated tentacles dry fit into the body.

I think I will need to glue them in before finishing them, otherwise it'll be too hard to guess where the highlights need to go. So, next time I'll be gluing them in. There are many and they intertwine, so that will be a  bit of a project.

I'm not entirely thrilled with my color choices at this point. I feel like I'd have liked to see a little more color contrast going on. It's like a big blob of purple and black. With the tentacles in place, the reds and greens of the details on the body get kinda drowned out by the sheer volume of everything else. Maybe I'll like it more when I've got shading and highlights on the tentacles. Either way, I'm unlikely to go back and change it at this point.

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