Friday, December 30, 2016


So, here's what I was working on for a big chunk of the month I wasn't posting. It was a Christmas present, so I didn't want to post anything until it had been given. That's done now,'s Cthulhu.

This is Reaper Bones Cthulhu. It's a large model - 9", according to the package. The first thing to figure out was how to hold him while painting him. My husband made this handle that could be screwed into his nethers.

After that, I airbrushed a shadow and base coat on. Didn't get any pictures after just the airbrushing, unfortunately.

With the base coats in place, I went on to shading a highlighting. This is early in the highlighting process.

Shading and highlighting took a while. He's a big guy. Here he is, farther along in the highlighting and shading.

Once I had the shading and highlighting of his skin the way I wanted it, I went on to his scales.

...and also his spines and claws.

Once his body was complete, I went on to his head. I had a separate holder for the head so I could work on it without it being on the body.

After the head was the wings, and then basing him. I used the base he came with but put it on a wood (cherry, if you're curious) platform that my husband cut for me. I had to adjust the base a bit as well, as he didn't quite fit on it the way he was meant to. I filled in the hole in the stone slab his foot was supposed to go into because it wasn't reaching, then drilled another hole farther toward the inside of the base.

And that's all of him.

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