Saturday, August 6, 2016


I worked on a few different things today, switching focus between finishing off partly done products and getting ready for my ReaperCon classes.

I started with the base for the green hunter dude. It's been a while since I talked about him. Anyway, I'm putting him on a swamp base which will be part land and part mucky water. I put in some putty to make the 'mud' part of the base and a bottom that I can paint for the water. The indents are where his feet will go. It's hard to see the depth of the piece here. This is Milliput rather than green stuff because you can smooth it with a little water.

After that, I had some putty left, so I tried making a few mushrooms. I think they're cute.

Then on to painting. I finished up the demo whites. I covered the non-white parts in brown liner to keep them from distracting from the painted whites. Then I did the shading and highlighting of the different patches. He's done, and next I'll move on to another sample piece.

Last, remember the red metallic experiment? I put some shading on that guy, in purple.

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