Sunday, June 5, 2016


Finished up Nienna today as I'd hoped, even though I lost some time to re-configuring my work space again. More kitten losses - I usually sit on one of those big exercise balls while I paint. It's better for my back. Today, it wouldn't hold enough air. I think little needle claws have taken a toll.

Here's Nienna. I'm not happy with her sword, but other than that she's good enough. Well, even the sword is going to have to be good enough, as I'm not going to go back.

Started the next one. This is Dub, and along with having a silly name, he is a thief. He also had a big mold line running right through the middle of his face, so I'm not hopeful for what his expression will end up being. I guess he's just a Charisma 6 kind of guy. That's too bad, because I've painted this guy in metal and I like the figure.

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