Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jaheda: Almost!

Cleaned up the metal a bit, and highlighted the straps. Finished the other bits - her gun, her goggles, and so on. She's almost done. I glued one of her arms on, and I think I'm happy with the highlight and shadow placement - I often get it wrong on pieces of the figure I have to paint separately. I could have put her other arm on, but decided I wanted to give that glue a good long time to cure before messing with the other part. So, tomorrow I'll put the other arm on, do any final clean up and adjustments, and then put on the sealer.

Unless something goes wrong there, I should actually have her finished this weekend. After that, it'll be working on the base. That'll be a few days - the plinth isn't made yet, and once it's put together I have to put poly on it before I can start building her basing.

And I might switch the yellow bits on the binoculars to the same purple as her goggles. In fact, I think I will.

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