Monday, February 16, 2015

Librarian: Jacket, Leather

So, now starts the work on my ReaperCon contest entries. I'm planning to do a diorama and a single figure. The diorama is something I started working on a while back but never made much progress on. I played a little bit with laying it out today.

The idea is a ranger in her camp practicing sword play with a dummy. Those are not the actual pieces I'm going to use. I have an unpainted version of the same figure, I've got  a different practice dummy and will work on another couple to see if I can get one I like better, and I'm going to make a bigger tree. At the base of the tree there is some camping gear.

However, before I can put much work into the competition pieces, I need to clear the partly done stuff off my table. First, I'm finishing the librarian. I highlighted the jacket and put a brown base coat on the boots and other leather bits. The highlights on the jacket could be smoother, but she's no longer a competition piece. Now I'm just trying to get her done.

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