Saturday, November 22, 2014


Here's the ghost, finished.

The colors on the base don't look that 'ocean-y'. It can be a pool of aether or evil dreams or...well, whatever. She's done, and I am content with her.

On that base, here's how it looked without paint. The purple carried through really strongly - more than I expected. It was less transparent than I expected. It held its shape quite well, which is nice. The only problem is that the stuff shrinks when it dries, so there were a couple cracks in it. I put some dark paint in them to hide them, but it would have been better to fill them in with more paste.

Next project is this guy. I'm going to use him to run some experiments on painting copper, which I'll be using for real on another figure. I'll tell you why he's red and green (hint: not for Christmas).

 If you take a class on metallics with Michael Proctor, he will tell you to base coat under a metallic with a plain color, because the metals tend not to cover very well, and the base color will give some depth to the metal. So, I've base coated (via airbrush) with red and green to see which under coat I like better, or if it makes a difference at all.

Wow, that red is bright.

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