Friday, October 31, 2014

Back from Reaper ArtistCon! (And, 37!)

So, I spent the last few days at Reaper's ArtistCon. I taught a couple of classes and worked on various things while I was done there. A good time was had by all, or at least, all that I talked to. I did come back with a fair bit of work to do, though. A number of the figures I took down were damaged in transit on the way back. So, I have some repair work to do there. :(

While I was at Reaper I did this little guy:

Also started on this ghost lady. She's all base coated, but no (well, almost no) shading has been done. Usually I do a bit, shade and highlight that bit, then go to the next bit. Well, I started working on her near the end of the trip when I was very tired and not up for detail work. So I just base coated.

I'm experimenting here. I'm going to try shading everything with the same color, and possibly glaze the whole thing with that same color to give the whole figure the same sort of tone. We'll see.

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