Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back to Old Projects

Remember this guy? This is Stillwater, and I'm working on him for a friend. I put the base coat on his skin ages ago. Well, I finally picked him up again. Shaded and highlights the skin, did his eyes, started the hair.

Got a bit done on one of the marines, too. We'll call him Marine 1. I'm using Mass Effect N7 armor colors for these guys, which is nice because it'll be a simple color scheme. Less nice because it's an awful lot of gray. Then again, since I'm on a deadline with these guys, simple is good. Anyway, I might base coat another guy's armor next, or I might try finishing them off one at a time.

Lastly, check this out:


One of those painting credits is me (hint: not the one that says Michael Proctor). I did the one in the blue cloak. This'd be the first 'published', for-a-studio piece I've got; the first one I didn't do for myself or a friend to game with. So, yay me!

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