Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Barbarian Barbie: Shading Skin

Started the first round of shading her skin. I wanted to get farther, but while I was putting in the shadows the hole under her sword arm was driving me nuts, so I stopped to try filling it with a couple dabs of glue. Then while I was holding her upside down so the glue would stay put while it set, she fell and her sword broke off again. I had to glue that back on too. Then I had to clean up and smooth up the glue spots...

She's not a terrible cooperative figure so far.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Diorama: Putting it together

With the king done, tonight I put together the diorama pieces that are done. That was the club, the mounted heads, and the king himself. This was stressful, as an errant drop of glue or a failure to get something straight before the glue set could have ruined the whole piece. I think I made it through OK, though, and here's the result.

I'm pretty excited to see it coming together.

I also started working on the other main figure for this diorama, who I am calling Barbarian Barbie:

Once I started painting her, it became clear this figure has more issues than I thought. There are some other gaps I should have filled with green stuff. They're not visible unless you hold her upside down, though, so I'm going to leave it and hope for the best. I also found more surface roughness which I tried to cover with sealer.

Then there's her outfit, which is highly, highly improbable. I didn't notice until I started painting her that there's absolutely nothing holding that bra in place. So, I'm just calling her Barbarian Barbie and having a good laugh.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

King: Done!

I don't love that sword, but I'm still calling him done. I'm going to give him a once-over tomorrow for any cleanup, then put sealer on him, then start putting stuff together on the throne. It'll be nice to see everything starting to come together.

Finishing him means it's time to move on to the other main figure. I put her together today. Normal I think I'd have chosen to leave the arms off, as having them in place is going to make for a couple tricky spots for painting. However, there were gaps that were going to need to be handled. I suspect the mold she came out of was a little on the older, more worn side, so some of the edges are a little soft and the pieces didn't go together completely snug (though I've seen worse). So, I took care of that. You can see the green stuff around the shoulders. Next for her will be primer.

Oh. Her sword broke off too, so I had to fix that as well, too. I didn't line the blade and hilt up quite right, so that's going to look a little funny.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The King: leather highlights, sword

Put a lighter round of highlights on the leather, and then went on to the gold on parts of the sword.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The King: Highlighting Leather

First round of highlights on the leather. I need to do a second round of lighter highlights. Then it'll be on to the metals.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The King: Shading Leather

Not much difference visible in the pictures tonight. I put a bit of highlight on the dark bits of his armor, and shaded the rest. It's pretty much dark against dark, but once I put the highlights on it'll start to show up.

I'm hoping to be done with him by the end of the weekend. If I am, I think that puts me in decent shape as far as finishing on time. I'll still have to keep at it, but I'll just have one major component left to do. That last figure is pretty complicated, though, and will take longer than this guy.